What am I eligible to claim under the Tools & Equipment category?

Any work related item that you purchase may be eligible to be claimed under this category if it does not have a specific category and set of criteria to claim by.

Oncore provides the opportunity for you to salary package your business-related expenses. This is not a direct reimbursement of the expense but an offset against your taxable income resulting in greater take-home pay for you. The expenses that you can claim include your mobile phone, internet connection, software purchases, study, self-education, etc. 

These are expenses that relate to your current contract that Oncore is managing.


Relevant Expenses include:

  • Various expense items that are less than $330 (Inc GST)
  • Purchases for less than $330 (inc GST) for any work-related item can be claimed under this expense category for their declared business usage
  • Where an item exceeds $330, it will need to be claimed in your individual tax return as it becomes subject to depreciation. Please consult with your tax accountant
  • A tax invoice is required to verify the claimed amount


If, after reading this article, you are still unsure what types of expenses you may be able to claim under this category, please either send us an email at supportaus@oncoreservices.com, or phone us on 1300 654 484 and we will strive to answer any of your questions.