What Education Related Expenses Can I Claim?

If you undertake further education or study during the course of your contract with Oncore, you may be eligible to claim these expenses through our Salary Packaging service.

Oncore provides the opportunity for you to salary package your business-related expenses. This is not a direct reimbursement of the expense but an offset against your taxable income resulting in greater take-home pay for you. The expenses that you can claim include your mobile phone, internet connection, software purchases, study, self-education, etc. 

These are expenses that relate to your current contract that Oncore is managing.


Relevant Expenses include:

  • Courses
  • Conferences and Seminars

Any claimed education expenses must have sufficient connection to your current employment

  • In order for a course or education expense to have sufficient connection to your employment:
    • It must maintain or improve the specific skills or knowledge you need in your current work activities
    • It will result in or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your current employment
  • If a course study is too general in terms of your current income-earning activities, the necessary connection between the self-education expense and your income-earning activity does not exist
  • Seminars, conferences or education workshops, including formal education courses provided by professional associations, can be claimed as deductible expenses.

To substantiate your claim, please provide an itinerary, course outline, or a detailed explanation confirming the connection between the course and your role within your current employment. A tax invoice will also be required.


If, after reading this article, you are still unsure what types of expenses you may be able to claim under this category, please either send us an email at supportaus@oncoreservices.com, or phone us on 1300 654 484 and we will strive to answer any of your questions.